2021-22 Donruss Soccer Hobby Box (12 Packs/30 Cards: 1 Auto, 1 Mem)

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2021-22 Panini Donruss Soccer Hobby Box Each Box contains One Autograph, One
Memorabilia Card, and 12 Optic Parallels! Look for KABOOM! Inserts! 72 Optic
Base Cards and 60 additional Inserts and Parallels Per Box! Donruss returns to
soccer with the 2021-22 Road to Qatar trading card collection, featuring 20 of
the best national teams in the world! The 200-card base set includes 25 Rated
Rookies and can also be found in a myriad of regular and Optic parallels! Look
for Hobby-exclusive inserts including Retro Series, Craftsmen, Zero Gravity,
1991 Donruss Tribute and Net Marvels! Donruss is the new home to the fan-
favorite Kaboom! insert that can be found one per case, on average! Find
autographs and memorabilia cards of some of the biggest stars of international
soccer, including Beautiful Game Dual Autographs! PRODUCT BREAKDOWN: BASE
CARDS: Donruss features 175 Base cards and 25 Rated Rookies - look for these
in 12 different Hobby-exclusive parallels including colorful Optic colors of
Red, Blue, Orange Velocity, Black Velocity, Gold and Gold Vinyl! Press Proof
Gold (and39;d/349) - Hobby Exclusive Press Proof Purple (and39;d/199) -
Hobby Exclusive Holo Red Laser (and39;d/99) - Hobby Exclusive Holo Blue
Laser (and39;d/49) - Hobby Exclusive Holo Gold Laser (and39;d/10) - Hobby
Exclusive Holo Black Laser (and39;d/1) - Hobby Exclusive Optic Optic Holo
Optic Red (and39;d/149) - Hobby Exclusive Optic Blue (and39;d/99) - Hobby
Exclusive Optic Orange Velocity (and39;d/49) - HobbyExclusive Optic Black
Velocity (and39;d/25) - Hobby Exclusive Optic Gold (and39;d/10) - Hobby
Exclusive Optic Gold Vinyl (and39;d/1) - Hobby Exclusive KABOOM/NET
MARVELS/ZERO GRAVITY: Find six Hobby-exclusive inserts - Retro Series,
Craftsmen, Zero Gravity, 1991 Donruss Tribute, Net Marvels and the fan-
for autographs and memorabilia from some of the best players in the world,
with one auto and one mem p