2021 Topps Clearly Authentic Baseball Hobby Box

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Release scheduled for July 21, 2021 - Subject to change by Topps. 2021 Topps
Clearly Authentic Baseball Cardsdelivers(1)Encased Autograph SignedON-
CARDinEvery Box!Topps Clearly Authentic Baseballshowcases the2021 Topps base
card design, as well as anassortmentofall-time classic Topps designs on clear,
acetate trading cards.Eachautographissigned directlyON-CARDby the games best,
andencased. Featuringtodays stars, breakout rookiesandlegends,Clearly
Authenticdelivers avarietyofcollector showpieces. 2021 Topps Clearly Authentic
Baseball Cards Box Hits: (1)Encased Autograph SignedON-CARD 2021 Topps Clearly
Authentic Baseball Cards PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS: (1)Encased Autograph SignedON-
CARDinEvery Box! Clearly Authentic Autographs Featuring2021 rookieson the2021
Topps Baseball base card designsonacetate technology. NEW!Clearly Authentic
1986 Topps Baseball AutographsCurrentandlegendary ball playersare shown on
theclassic 1986 Topps design, all onacetate technology. NEW!70 Years of Topps
Baseball AutographsActive starsandretired fan favoritesare featured on
cardscelebrating designsfrom the70 Years of Topps Baseball. NEW!Clearly
Authentic 1954 Reimagining Autographs Utilizing thehistoric 1954 Topps
Baseball designto honoractiveandretired greatsonclear cards, d to 199 or
less. NEW!Clearly Authentic 2006 Allen and Ginter Autographs
Themostcollectible playersfeatured on theinaugural designfrom2006 Topps Allen
and Ginter, d to 199 or less.