2022 Sportscards Jersey Fusion Football Edition Case 10 Boxes inside

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2022 Sportscards Jersey Fusion Football Edition Case 10 Boxes inside

New to the lineup - current stars like Josh Allen, Tom Brady, Justin Herbert, Joey Bosa and more!

New features add to the quality of the JF line you have experienced, including:

  • Custom JF Tamper Evident Holder

  • MULTI Swatch and Patch Jersey Fusion Premium inserts adding even more chase and value, each numbered!

  • "A Word from the Game"  - a new insert set featuring player written words and phrases from authenticated journals and correspondence added to the piece of the game and the cards of two historic Packers - Bart Starr and Knute Rockne (note Rockne "A Word" Cards are only the handwritten text with authentic card).

  • Game Dated and Photo Matched parallel inserts - all JF player/game worn items are authenticated and some of our authentications including photo matching these uniforms to specific game dates!

  • NEW! Photo matched game used Brett Favre Jersey will be a bonus redemption card in one of these packs (mini boxes)!

  • Player autograph cuts added to JFs for the ultimate player experience in one holder.

  • At least 3 premium JF's per 10ct display, including numbered versions from 1 to 25.

Every JF holder will include a unique QR code that links the fan to the original player worn uniform, it's authentication and more. The most transparent collecting experience available today