2022 Topps Gypsy Queen Baseball Retail Display Box

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  • 24 Packs Per Box
  • 6 cards Per Pack
  • 144 Total Cards Per Box
  • Look out for Autograph and Rookie Cards!

Each Box contains One Base Set Short Print, Four Gypsy Gems Minis, and Two
Crystal Gazing Die-Cuts, on average! Look for Retail Exclusive Green
Parallels! 2022 Topps Gypsy Queen once again blends a beautiful arrangement of
unique designs with an astounding checklist of the game's top players and
rookies! Look into the future with all-new Crystal Gazing Die-Cuts or collect
precious foil Gypsy Gem Minis along with an all-new 300-card Base Set. Find
Base Set Short Prints! Look for Autographs and Autograph Relics! Collect
Wander Franco Rookie Cards! PRODUCT BREAKDOWN: BASE CARDS: Base Set Parallels:
Missing Nameplate Parallel Green Parallel - 1 Per Value Pack - Retail Only!
Burnt Umber Parallel - 'd to 399 NEW! Indigo Parallel - 'd to 250 Turquoise
Parallel - 'd to 199 Blue Parallel - 'd to 150 Mauve Parallel - 'd to 75
Ruby Red Foil Parallel - 'd to 10 NEW! Black Parallel - 'd 1-of-1 Base Set
Short Prints: 1:24 Packs Missing Nameplate Parallel Blue Parallel - 'd to 150
Black Parallel - 'd 1-of-1 Jackie Robinson Day Image Variations: Black
Parallel - 'd 1-of-1 INSERT CARDS: Gypsy Gems Minis: (1:6 Packs)NEW! Follow
the mystic energy of gems with this all-new foil mini set that shines with the
aura and glow of the top players and their birthstones. Indigo Foil Parallel -
'd to 250 Green Foil Parallel - 'd to 99 - Retail Exclusive! Black Foil
Parallel - 'd 1-of-1 Crystal Gazing Die-Cut: (1:12 Packs) NEW! Look into the
fortune teller's crystal ball and get a glimpse of the bright futures for
these young phenoms as they progress in their careers! Indigo Parallel - 'd
to 250 Green Parallel - 'd to 99 - Retail Exclusive! Black Parallel - 'd
1-of-1 AUTOGRAPHS: Gypsy Queen Autographs: Indigo Parallel - 'd to 150 Blue
Parallel - 'd to 99 Black Parallel - 'd 1-of-1 Mini Rookie Autographs:
Varied 'ing Black and White Parallel - 'd to 50 Black Foil Parallel - 'd
1-of-1 Gypsy Gems Mini Autographs: Varied 'ing NEW!