ARRMA ARA550107 dBoots FIRETEAM Tire Set Glued (2)

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  • ARRMA dBoots FIRETEAM Tire Set, Glued (2), ARA550107

These high-quality dBoots FIRETEAM tires, mounted on ARRMA wheels, are direct
replacements for your kit itemsFeatures:Tires: Multi-surface 'FIRETEAM' tread
pattern for awesome traction in all conditions High-quality rubber for long-
lasting durability Pre-glued for trouble-free fit and fast servicing Military
inspired airless tire design sidewall detail Vent holes in tires allow air to
move in and out of the tire to improve traction and soak-up bumps and landings
Vent holes also allow water and dirt to escape from the tire to prevent
unbalanced tires and to increase durability Wheels: Military inspired design
for rugged looks and increased strength Tough nylon for durability on all
surfaces Black color for stylish stealth looks 17mm hex for strength during
extreme driving action and easy servicing Foam inserts: High-quality foam with
excellent memory return Specially designed to give the perfect balance of
aggressive grip and easy handling characteristics TECHNICAL INFORMATION: Wheel
bead diameter: 3.11"/3.82" (79mm/97mm) Outer/Inner Width: 2.56" (65mm) Wheel
hex size: 17mm Overall diameter: 6.65" (169mm)Includes:2 x Black Wheels,
dBoots FIRETEAM tires, and foam inserts. Pre-glued and ready for battle