Arrma ARAQ480052 1/8 Wing Set Painted: VENDETTA

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This VENDETTA Wing Set contains a high and a low downforce rear wing, left and right wing endplates and all the fixings required for their attachment to the VENDETTA 4X4 bodyshell


  • High-quality polycarbonate material for optimum performance at high-speeds and long-lasting durability

  • Set includes screws, nuts and washers required to fit the wing to the VENDETTA 4X4 body

  • 1.0mm thick wings for long-lasting durability

  • 1.5mm thick wing endplates for maximum stability

  • Pre-cut and drilled for fast and efficient fit

  • High and Low downforce wings included for aero balance adjustment

  • Supplied painted, ready to fit to your vehicle


1 x VENDETTA 4X4 High Downforce Rear Wing - Black

1 x VENDETTA 4X4 Low Downforce Rear Wing - Black

2 x VENDETTA 4X4 Wing Endplate - Black

10 x M3 x 8mm Button Head Screw

10 x M3 Nylon Locknut

10 x M3 Steel Washer