Arrma ARA2102T1 Granite Grom MEGA 4WD 1/18 Monster Truck RTR Blue Battery & Charger

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Small Package, Massive Adventure: GRANITE GROM!

The GRANITE GROM 4X4 Monster Truck upholds the same rigorous engineering standards as its larger ARRMA RC counterparts. Additionally, it features a clipless body mount design that ensures the body remains securely attached while remaining effortlessly removable for drivers of all ages. In the realm of small-scale RC basher models, it stands out as a leader, offering a unique blend of convenience, power, strength, and exceptional handling capabilities that enable you to take your stunts to the next level.

The ARRMA GRANITE GROM 4X4 Monster Truck is built to withstand any challenge you throw its way. Its impact-absorbing front and rear bumpers are ready for intense bashing, flanking a robust composite chassis. Power is efficiently transmitted through a robust 4WD drivetrain with durable metal gears, connecting the MEGA 380 brushed motor to the rugged dBoots FORTRESS monster truck wheels and tires. The Spektrum SX110 steering servo boasts waterproof construction and dependable metal gear strength.