Axial Capra 1.9 Unlimited 4WD Rock Crawler Buggy 1/10 AXI03000T1 Red

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Features Transmission with DIG function enables a tighter
turning radius by locking the rear axle for FWD power only.Currie F9 Portal
Axles increase ground clearance at the diff pumpkin for the best crawling
performance.Includes all-metal gears, from the center transmission to the
lockers and portal axles.Tube chassis design offers optimum clearance plus
realistic scale looks.All pivot points are on stainless steel balls for a
durable, long-lasting suspension point.Includes Nitto Trail Grapplers 1.9
Monster tires mounted on injection-molded, 3-piece, licensed Raceline beadlock
wheels.Adjustable oil-filled shocks feature hard anodized, threaded shock
bodies and a single coilover spring.All-metal front universal axles provide
smooth action and 45 degrees of steering angle for an efficient, high-
performance drivetrain.Durable, machined aluminum universal.540-size, 35T
brushed motor with enlarged cooling ports delivers an even balance of speed
and technical crawling.Spektrum STX3 3-channel, 2.4GHz radio system and
receiver operate the DIG feature along with other functions.Axle-mounted servo
improves steering control in full articulation.Finely tuned suspension
geometry delivers the best crawling capabilities. REALISTIC INTERIOR Realistic
scale details include: polycarbonate interior tray with molded driver figures,
full color pre-cut decals with simulated carbon fiber panels, mock GPS
navigation gauges and switches, two black styrene helmets with visor decals,
and more! GRILLE AND HEADLIGHT BUCKETS The molded plastic front grille
features two clear plastic headlight lenses with light buckets and a white LED
light installed in each. Behind the grille, under the hood, are two hood
mounts with clips. Remove the clips to raise the hood up and gain access to
the battery tray. LED LIGHT BAR A roof mounted LED light bar helps light the
way on those late night crawls with your friends. LED Light bar and two front
mounted LED lights are included. Read more CURRIE F9 PORTAL AXLES The Currie
F9 Portal Axles add substantially more ground clearance at the diff pumpkin
while also providing an excellent 7.39:1 gear ratio. Completely ball bearing
driven, and metal gears throughout for durability. HI-PINION GEARS The ring
and pinion gears are machined steel, including the locker. The design utilizes
a six bolt design for durability. DIG TRANSMISSION The ground up designed
transmission features a "Dig" function. With the new STX3 transmitter, the
user can "switch" between 4WD and locking the rear axle while powering with
front drive only, allowing for tighter turning radius on the rocks. The
transmission also includes a full set of ball bearings and all metal internal
gears for strength and durability. Micro Dig Servo SPMSSX107 included!
UNIVERSAL AXLE SET Universal joint axles allow up to 45 degrees of steering
and provide smoother action for a higher performing, efficient drivetrain. Up
to 45 degrees of steeringSmooth action for an efficient drivetrainCompact yet
durable designHardened steel construction CURRIE F9 PORTAL AXLES HI-PINION
The STX3 3-channel radio system offers many features of higher-end 2.4GHz
radio systems like throttle/steering reversing, throttle/steering travel
adjust & throttle limiting, as well as third channel button controls for dig
operation. Thumb controls allow operation of the dig featureBuilt-in
3-position throttle limitedSteering & throttle rate & trim adjustments with
throttle and steering reversingFHSS 2.4GHz protocol offers extended range and
interference free performance SPEKTRUM SRX300 RECEIVER, WATER-RESISTANT The
SRX300 is a 3 channel 2.4GHz receiver that operates on the FHSS modulation. It
is conformal coated to help prevent damage from water, dust and other
elements. Features an extra-long antenna lead for easy and effective antenna
placement. SPEKTRUM S614 SERVO, WATERPROOF The Spektrum S614 metal geared
servo offers 201 oz-in of steering torque, a metal case for strength, and it’s
waterproof for extra protection against the elements. The axle-mounted servo
allows better steering control in full articulation. 35T BRUSHED MOTOR
Delivering an even balance of speed and technical crawling, the included 540
size, 35T motor features a hassle-free design with enlarged cooling ports for
extended periods of use. SPEKTRUM STX3 2.4GHz RADIO SYSTEM SPEKTRUM SRX300
WB8 HD WILDBOAR DRIVESHAFTS WB8 HD Wildboar front and rear driveshafts feature
a larger diameter cross pin (2x11mm) along with an M4 Screw Shaft (2mm hex
drive) for greater strength. A center splined slider floats between each end
and has added material to reduce flex and fatigue. STAINLESS STEEL STEERING
LINKS Strong 6mm stainless steel links with high grade plastic rod ends for
durability. All links are metal including the steering. STAINLESS STEEL PIVOT
BALLS All pivot points are on stainless steel balls that provide a durable,
long-lasting suspension point SKIDPLATE WITH BOAT SIDES The Capra features a
small skidplate footprint with boat sides to help maneuver and slide over
STEEL STEERING LINKS The steering links are also made from 6mm stainless
steel, offering precise steering and durability. LARGE BORE ALUMINUM SHOCKS
The oil-filled shocks are an all-new design with hard anodized, threaded shock
bodies and a single coilover spring. Their increased bore size creates more
fluid volume for better performance. A bleed screw helps to bleed air from the
shock during assembly for greater consistency. The shocks are also tunable so
you can achieve the best dampening rate. Springs included: AXI233006 Spring
13x70mm 1.72lbs/in Red (2) SoftAXI233008 Spring 13x70mm 2.4lbs/in Green (2)
Firm 4-LINK SUSPENSION Fine-tuned suspension geometry with multiple mounting
locations for the upper link mounts to provide the best crawling capabilities.
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