Bluey Heeler 4WD Family Vehicle with 1 Figure

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  • IT'S FAMILY TIME: The Heeler Four Wheel Drive Family Vehicle is perfect to take the whole of Bluey's family for a drive! Fits 4 characters!
  • JOIN IN THE ADVENTURE: Four figures fit inside the vehicle. Just pop off the top, place them inside and travel along!
  • GET READY FOR A SURF: The Heeler 4WD Family Vehicle comes with 2 Surfboards that can be placed on top of the Vehicle using the Roof Rack. Both surfboards are compatible with all Bluey figures. Take a ride to the beach - surf on!
  • STYLE YOUR CAR: Decorate the inside of the Vehicle just the way you like with the included fun Sticker Sheet!
  • BANDIT DRIVER: Your Heeler 4WD Family Vehicle Includes one Bandit figure that can drive the family around.
  • INCLUDES: (1) 4WD Vehicle, (1) Bandit 2.5" Poseable Figure & (2) Surf Boards

Meet Bluey! A loveable, six-year-old Blue Heeler dog, whose everyday family
life becomes a playful adventure. Now you can take Bluey and her family on
road trips in the Heeler Four Wheel Drive 4WD Family Vehicle! There is plenty
of room for the whole family! Open the top of the vehicle to fit all figures
inside. The Heeler Four Wheel Drive is a "Must Have" when you get Bluey's
Family Figure 4-Pack (sold separately) Place Dad (Bandit) in the driver's seat
so that he can drive the family down to the beach. The Heeler Four Wheel Drive
family Vehicle has a rack on the roof that holds two surfboards. Take off the
boards for Bluey and her family can ride them! All the figures are compatible
with the surfboards. Decorate the inside of the vehicle with the included fun
sticker sheet! You may recognize a few of these things in your own family
car's backseat! Children will love to recreate some of the most memorable
moments from the Bluey TV show with these fun toys!