AFX 22002 Chevy Camaro SS 350 Red Collector Series HO Mega G+ Slot Car

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Overview: After the success of 1967 through ˪69 Camaro˪s, Chevrolet created
effectively an all-new car in 1970. One that was more drivable and had a much
better engine: the LT1 350 cubic inch compared to the previous year˪s 302. In
fact, the LT1 in the Z28 came from the Corvette and was a stout performer. The
re-designed front-end and fastback shape was the source of a lot of
controversy. But it is generally regarded one of the most beautiful designs to
come out of GM. Mega G+ Chassis: This new Mega G+ chassis doesn˪t just go
faster or handle better than the competition. And it doesn˪t just have the
ultra-low, narrow dimensions of the original Mega G to continue the reign of
the most realistic HO cars on earth. It˪s smoother, more consistent, and more
intuitive than any car we˪ve ever built. We wanted wheel to wheel racing, lap
after lap, the feel of driving a real car. But we couldn˪t do it by just
changing the chassis. We had to create a whole new systemÀ Mega G+ Race
System: Made up of our new Mega G+ Chassis, Upgraded AFX120 Controllers and
Exclusive Tri-Power Pack, the Mega G+ Race System is the perfect balance of
grip and speed. With decades of slot car innovation and over a year of
experimentation, this is the best out of the box slot car system you can buy.