Carrera 20023913 Porsche 911 RSR Project 1 No.57 1:24 Scale Digital Slot Car

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  • Porsche 911 RSR Project 1 No.57 1:24 scale digital slot car for racing on Carrera Digital 124 and 132 Tracks
  • Carrera Part No. 20023913
  • Working headlights and taillights combined with a detailed interior and high-quality tampo-printing over a detailed mold designed to faithfully replicate the original car.
  • Compatible with Carrera Digital 124 and 132 slot car tracks.

For the FIA World Endurance Championship and the 1000-mile race at Sebring,
the classic black and yellow of the 56 Porsche 911 RSR was swapped for the
characteristic purple and orange. Already in the seventies, the contemporary
shrill and colorful logos of the main sponsor on many racing cars caught the
eye. In the 2020 French 24-hour race, the driver trio Jeroen Bleekemolen,
Felipe Frage, and Ben Kreating from Team Project 1 reached 40th place with the
57 Porsche 911 RSR. Ben Keating is the son of a Texas-born and raised car
dealer with the simple nature of a real Texan. Each car is fitted with
replaceable double contact brushes for maximum contact with the slot car track
while downforce magnets make for quick cornering and great handling. Carrera
digital cars are real head-turners with high-quality tampo-printing over
detailed molds designed to faithfully replicate the original car. Working
front headlights and rear brake lights add to the stunning look and even the
interior and the driver inside looks just as good as the exterior! This
Carrera Digital 124 Car in 1:24 scale will work on all Carrera Digital slot
car tracks.