Carrera 20063026 First Mario Kart Slot Car Race Track Spinners Set

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  • Realistic racing action for younger kids who are in control with the electronically regulated speed controllers as they learn to race and develop winning driving skills
  • Preschool age children love the thrilling head-to-head action and excitement of driving through the spinners as they fly past Mario Kart decor throughout the track
  • Exciting two-player activity for the young child in your life to enjoy with their friends or siblings
  • Featuring your favorite Mario Kart characters Mario and Yoshi driving around the track at fast speeds
  • Complete Beginner slot car racing set includes everything you need to set up and start racing right out of the box.

Style:Mario Kart w/ Spinners Children as young as 3 years old can now grab the
controls and speed around this kid-friendly racetrack! Race with your favorite
characters Mario and Yoshi from the popular video game, Mario Kart. Each
Carrera FIRST slot car racing set features a fun themed setting on a track
built around their favorite car, TV show, movie, or video game characters.
Your child will find staying on the track easy with the electronically
regulated speed controllers allowing them to race non-stop in head-to-head
action against their friends or siblings. The first sets which are built at a
scale of 1:50 are a great introduction into the fast and exciting world of
slot car racing. The 7.87-ft. track runs on 4 Type C batteries (not included)
and is easy to assemble or disassemble for moving from one room to another or
taking it with you. Children will enjoy hours of endless enjoyment racing
their cars around the track and competing for a first-place finish! Welcome to
the Carrera Family of slot car racing!