Carrera Evolution 20025241 Speedway Champions 1:32 Scale Slot Car Racing Track Set

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  • Fast-paced slot car racing action with 1:32 scale cars racing on a track measuring over 24-ft. and reaching scale speeds of 370-mph
  • Carrera Evolution analog slot car systems are designed for both beginners and the hobbyist who is ready for larger scale tracks and cars
  • The analog cars and track included can be upgraded to digital with the purchase of additional accessories as you advance your slot car career
  • Complete slot car racing system includes everything you need to start racing right out of the box
  • Expand and customize your track layout and car selection with the Endless cars and accessories available for purchase separately

Start your engines and get ready to experience the thrill of slot car racing
with the Carrera Evolution Speedway Champions slot car racetrack! Slot car
racing brings to you the look, feel, and excitement of real race car driving
but with you in control behind the wheel! Soon enough your heart will be
beating fast as you speed down the straightaways or drift around a tight curve
to squeeze into 1st Place and claim the checkered flag before your
competition! All this action can be had in the comfort of your own home. The
Carrera Evolution Speedway Champions electric powered slot car set features
1:32 scale cars racing on a 1:24 scale analog track. The slot car track sets
the stage for a speedy showdown of the Ford Torino Talladega No.24 and a Dodge
Charger 500 No.1. With these two legendary race cars, you as the driver holds
the key to who gets the checkered flag in this thrilling head-to-head race!
Race on a course that stretches over 24-ft. And features 3 turns and
straightaways with 2 lane change tracks to provide exciting action all over
the track. Only the driver with the best skills can master the track and claim
victory in the end! Hours of action and fun are guaranteed. With a variety of
available accessories, track expansion sets, and a wide selection of
additional cars, This complete slot car track system can be expanded and
modified for endless possibilities and more awesome racing.