E-flite F-16 Falcon 80mm EDF Jet ARF Plus no power 1000mm EFL87870

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Air and Scale SuperiorityThe F-16 Fighting Falcon was originally developed for
the U.S. Air Force and approved for production more than 40 years ago. This
multirole fighter’s advancements in technology and capabilities have kept it
active to the present day with air forces worldwide. The E-flite F-16 Falcon
80mm EDF (Electric Ducted Fan) is an Extra Scale model based on the single
seat F-16C variant which entered production in 1984. The F-16C brought
improved cockpit avionics and radar for all-weather capability with beyond-
visual-range AIM-7 and AIM-120 air-to-air missiles. This replica is nearly as
large as other 90mm EDF models, yet the efficient power system delivers better
overall performance and longer flight times when using common 6S 4000–7000mAh
batteries. The 3-tone gray finish is easy to customize using your choice of
the included squadron markings while Extra Scale details and functional
features — including the most scale-like landing gear installed on an F-16 EDF
model yet — combine to deliver an unmatched flying experience!High Performance
Fighting FalconThe E-flite F-16 Falcon 80mm EDF jet is the Smartest, most
detailed and best handling high-performance replica of the world-renowned
fighter yet! Extra Scale details, including molded-in panel lines, simulated
antennas, indicators, sensors, optional-use ordnance, and more take realism to
the next level. Functional Extra Scale features include LED navigation and
landing lights, full-flying stabs, sequenced gear doors plus the most scale-
like retractable landing gear installed on an F-16 EDF model yet. Constructed
of durable, fully-molded EPO, this F-16 assembles without glue and can be
ready to fly in less time than other similar class models! FeaturesScale
replica of the world-renowned fighter flown by the U.S