E-flite EFL01150 A-10 Thunderbolt II 64mm EDF BNF Basic AS3X w/SAFE

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Introduction As the primary Close Air Support aircraft of
the U.S. Air Force, the A-10 Thunderbolt II is often affectionately called the
"Warthog" due to its aggressive look, and because it's a highly accurate and
survivable weapons-delivery platform. The nose — often decorated with painted
teeth — is equipped with a GAU-8 Avenger 30mm gatling gun that unleashes the
destructive bite of armor-piercing incendiary rounds. The E-flite A-10
Thunderbolt II Twin 64mm EDF is a scale replica of the iconic aircraft that
served with distinction in operations Desert Storm, Desert Fox, Enduring
Freedom and others. It delivers excellent top speed and unlimited vertical
performance, while also featuring fantastic handling and being the easiest to
fly hog yet when it's equipped with exclusive Spektrum AS3X and SAFE Select
technologies (BNF Basic version only). Easy to fly and great handling high-
performance A-10 twin EDF (Electric Ducted Fan) Scale replica of the iconic
aircraft flown by the U.S. Air Force for Close Air Support and other
missionsFunctional features including LED navigation lights, operational flaps
and twin ruddersScale details including removable ordnance, molded-in panel
lines and moreTwin 11-blade 64mm fans deliver unlimited vertical performance
and excellent top speeds up to 100+ MPHFactory-installed, high-power
6S-compatible brushless motors, 40-amp ESCs and a separate BECFits 6S
batteries from 3200-4000mAh to deliver class-leading performance and flight
timesSpektrum AR636 6-channel receiver with industry-leading 2.4GHz DSMX
technologyEasy to fly with innovative and optional-use SAFE Select flight
envelope protectionThe unmatched stability and locked-in feel of exclusive
AS3X technologyNine factory-installed digital servos with precise ball-link
equipped linkagesElectric retracts with shock-absorbing struts for operation
from a variety of surfaces including grassEasy to install/remove one-piece
composite reinforced wing with hands-free connection systemConvenient top
hatch with clear canopy, cockpit detail and a pilot figureFactory-applied
"Flipper" camouflage trim scheme and finishExtremely durable, fully-molded EPO
airframe Featuring an all-new design, the E-flite A-10 Thunderbolt II Twin
64mm EDF (Electric Ducted Fan) is easy to fly and has great handling with a
high-performance A-10 twin EDF (Electric Ducted Fan). Its twin 11-blade, 64mm
fans are powered by high-RPM brushless motors that are paired with 40A ESCs
wired to use a single 6S 3200–4000mAh battery. This beautifully engineered
power system produces excellent top speed — up to 100+ MPH in level flight —
and unlimited vertical performance while also delivering class-leading flight
times. The separate BEC and nine factory-installed digital servos with ball-
link equipped linkages deliver precise and reliable control. A long list of
functional features includes LED navigation lights, operational flaps, twin
rudders and electric retracts with shock-absorbing struts so you can fly from
a variety of surfaces, including grass fields. And details including removable
ordnance, molded in panel lines, a cockpit with pilot figure and more add to
the incredible scale looks. Plus it arrives factory-finished in the rare
"Flipper" three-tone gray camouflage trim scheme that looks great on the
ground and in the air. And it all adds up to deliver a "Hog" that's
practically sized so it's easier to store and transport while also offering an
unmatched flying experience you'll enjoy flight after flight! Needed to
Complete Full-range 6-7+ channel Spektrum DSMX/DSM2 compatible transmitter6S
22.2V 3200–4000mAh 30+C LiPo with EC5 or IC5 connectorCompatible LiPo charger
What's in the Box? (1) E-flite A-10 Twin 64mm EDF with:(2) 40A Brushless ESC
(installed)(2) Brushless Outrunner Motor (installed)(9) Digital Servos
(installed)(1) 5A BEC (installed)(1) Spektrum AR636 6-Channel Receiver
(installed)(1) Product Manual Scale replica of the iconic aircraft flown by
the U.S. Air Force for Close Air Support and other missions. Exclusive
Technologies This is the first high-performance A-10 Thunderbolt II model
equipped with both exclusive Spektrum AS3X and SAFE Select technologies. AS3X
works behind the scenes to smooth out the effects of wind and turbulence to
deliver a locked-in feel that makes it seem like you're flying a much larger
airplane. Optional-use SAFE Select offers pitch and bank angle limits along
with automatic self-leveling that can be turned on and off at the flip of a
switch, making this the easiest to fly A-10 yet! And if you don't want to
enable the SAFE Select features, simply bind the receiver normally and only
AS3X will be active. High-Performance EDFs The twin 11-blade 64mm fans, high-
RPM brushless motors and 40-amp ESCs combine with your 6S 3200–4000mAh 30+C
LiPo battery to deliver unlimited vertical performance and a fantastic speed
range, including top speeds up to 100+ MPH in level flight, with virtually
instantaneous throttle response. This power system also delivers better
performance and longer flight times than the 4S-compatible power systems used
in similar class models. But what makes the experience truly rewarding is the
fantastic sound it produces – it's almost like a real turbine engine. Scale
Details The A-10 twin 64mm EDF features an accurate outline and an abundance
of scale details including molded-in panel lines and hatches, gun detail, and
removable ordnance – more details than you typically find on similar class and
smaller models. Read more Featuring an all-new design Functional Features
Factory-installed LED navigation lights, operational flaps and twin rudders
are functional features that take your experience to another level. Capable
Gear The factory-installed electric retracts are equipped with durable metal
components including shock-absorbing struts that make it possible to fly from
a wider variety of surfaces including paved runways and even grass. Durable
Precision Construction with fully-molded EPO material makes it possible to
replicate complex detail and shapes in a lightweight yet durable form. The
result is an outstanding scale appearance that's easy to maintain and delivers
the best possible flight experience, plus the factory-installed servos with
ball-link equipped linkages deliver crisp and precise control at every speed.
Read more Extra Convenience The one-piece, composite-reinforced wing is easy
to install and remove for storage and transport thanks to the innovative
hands-free connection system. And the convenient top-mounted hatch makes it
quick and easy to install and remove batteries. Read more Unique Trim Scheme
The factory-applied paint and decal finish is inspired by the rare "Flipper"
three-tone gray camouflage that was used on some A-10 aircraft in the early
90's and makes for a model you'll be proud to show off everywhere you go. Read
more Read more