Downtown Police Station Hot Wheels Toxic Creatures Set

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  • Kid-favorite city locations and dino surprises ignite the imagination and unlock storytelling action.
  • Hot Wheels City sets focus on performance and push-around play for kids from 3-8 years old.
  • Create an entire Hot Wheels City with iconic landmarks while battling creatures with 5 sets.
  • Sets connect to other Hot Wheels City sets and orange track for building out a world of play.

Fuel kids' imagination with this assortment of kid-favorite sets featuring
recognizable city locations. Your kids can drive their Hot Wheels car to lock
up bad guys in the police station, spin down the fire pole at the fire
station, or fuel up and go at the gas station! Getting hungry? Order a pizza
at the Pizza Shop! Kids drive right in and lift the lever to place their
order. The car spins down into the shop and the oven pops open so kids can
escape. There are some mischievous dinos playing in the Pizza Shop, so kids
will want to get their lunch and speed out of there fast! Kids can drive into
the Downtown Speed Shop and lift a lever to tune up their car at various
stations in the set. When they get to the top of the buildingbeware! There is
a brontosaurus on the loose so they will have to make a quick getaway down his
neck and out of his mouth to safety! Each exciting set provides ample
storytelling play based on imaginative action with Hot Wheels vehicles.
Everything connects! Each set connects to other Hot Wheels City sets and is
compatible with orange track, too. Includes one Hot Wheels vehicle.