Falcon and The Winter Soldier 12 Roommates Wall Sticker Decals

Falcon Winter Soldier 12 Roommates Wall Stickers
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  • Comes with 12 wall decals; decal range size 9.58 inches x 16.86 inches to 2.23 inches x 2.3 inches
  • Applies to any smooth, clean surface
  • Removable and repositionable with no sticky residue left behind
  • Reuse from one space to the next
  • Perfect for both renters and homeowners

Marvel Comics fans who love the Avengers and have embraced Sam Wilson and
Bucky Barnes will want to decorate a wall in their home with the Falcon and
the Winter Soldier peel and stick wall decals from RoomMates. Captivating in
their ready-for-action stance, Falcon and the Winter Soldier add dramatic
impact to a focal wall in your favorite Marvel memorabilia room. Consider
adding The Winter Soldier or Falcon giant wall decals on the same wall to add
to your décor statement. RoomMates wall decals are an easy and affordable way
to decorate in minutes. Reposition or remove them effortlessly with no
remaining sticky residue or damage to walls.