Astro Thrash Heroes of Goo Jit Zu Galaxy Attack Figure

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Style:Astro Thrash Heroes of Goo Jit Zu have blasted into space to search the
Galaxy for the origins of the Goo! Get ready for some "Out of this World"
action with the all-new Galaxy Attack Series! The Goo has gone Galactic and
some of your favorite Heroes are back to battle against the squishiest,
stretchiest and scruchiest aliens in the universe! Launch a Galactic Attack
with Astro Thrash! He's back and he's ready to smash and splash through space.
Wearing futuristic duel fin Body Armour and an all-new Space Helmet with
"Visor Flip Action", he can now travel through space to take on some Gooey
Galactic Goons! Squeeze and stretch Astro Thrash's arms and legs to see his
amazing Water Bead filled Goo. Heroes of Goo Jit Zu Galaxy Attack are a Gooey
way for kids to play with Action Figures that make no mess. These toys stretch
up to three times their size and are more durable than ever before! Stretch
and squish Astro Thrash and he will always come back to his original shape!
Squeeze, squish, stretch and collect them all seven new Galaxy Attack Action
Figures! It's time to find out who will rule the Gooey Universe!