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  • Noodle Knots is a funny game that gets friends all tangled up
  • Connect your "noodle" wristbands to the wristbands of other players and form a circle
  • The chef in charge directs players to touch parts of other players, hoping that their wristbands will be stressed enough to snap apart!
  • The goal is to make the wristbands of the connected players snap apart using the fewest instruction cards!
  • Get ready for lots of laughs playing this fun game of teamwork that gets you and your friends all tied up in knots

Outrageous Hot Wheels weight-based, game-style track set that challenges kids
to launch their cars into their bucket first and spill their friend's cars for
the win! Play in 2-player mode to build sportsmanship— the set has 2
launchers, 2 buckets, and a crash zone! Crash into or block opponents in the
crossover crash zone! Load cars into the slam launcher, aim for the bucket
while constantly testing and experimenting when the bucket moves. Players need
to keep landing cars in the bucket to tip the scale in their favor! First
player to score 2 more cars in the bucket than his opponent wins! The bottom
on the losing side bucket opens and release cars for an impressive finale.
Dynamic balancing action makes this a real test of skill. Great to play with a
friend or in single player-mode. Includes 3 Hot Wheels vehicles! Challenge