Losi LOS03045T1 1968 Ford F100 Yellow No Prep Drag Truck 1/10 2wd Brushless

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À Updated Spur Gear Cover: Revision from the initial 22S Camaro release À Designed to Race right out of the Box: The Losi 22S Drag platform is a 2S setup to adhere to the regulations set for competition No Prep Drag Racing À Spektrum SMART Firma 100 amp ESC and 6500kv Brushless Motor: This system will allow this Drag Car to propel its way down the lanes at over 50+mph À 1968 Ford F100 Licensed Body: Scale realism with molded chrome grille and front bumper À Officially Licensed Mickey Thompson Tires: The Mickey Thompson licensed front & rear tires will surely give you a great grip on the road, making sure you have the ultimate traction À Pro aluminum chassis: This chassis will provide accurate and positive grip to the road when you are pushing the limits of power and traction. This chassis is designed with electronics protection, side impact guards, and a clean wire management system À LED Lights: Light up the strip with LED front headlights À Front Bumper with adjustable weight placement: Fine tune the weight of the front end to keep it under control and on the ground À Elastomer Battery Straps: With the addition of an elastomer battery strap your battery changes will be quick and easy À Aluminum Option Parts Available: Since the 2WD Drag platform is based on the TLR 22 series of vehicles, many of the TLR parts are natural performance upgrades that can take the performance of the 22S to an even higher level À Spektrum SLT3 Tx and Dual Protocol Receiver: Spektrum SLT3 Tx and Dual protocol receiver will offer an excellent upgrade path for consumers to upgrade to DSMR Transmitters À All Metal Gear Transmission: The 68 F100 Drag Truck comes with an all metal gear transmission for bullet-proof reliability to withstand anything you throw at it