Loungefly Harry Potter Luna Lovegood Mini Backpack

Loungefly HPBK0139
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A Little Looney Going to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, you
really have to work hard to be considered Àœthe weird oneÀ. Well, Luna
definitely put the hours in! From her demeaner to her clothing (specifically
the lion hat), this awesome Ravenclaw knows how to pull off eccentricity.
Well, the apple doesn˪t fall far from the tree in her case! Product Details
Make looking weird look awesome with this Loungefly Harry Potter Luna Lovegood
Mini Backpack! This 100% faux leather backpack has a fabric lining, which
makes it very stable. The adjustable straps will hold up to all kinds of
madcap adventures! Just remember to being your spectrespecs! - Backpack