Matchbox Action Drivers Matchbox Canyon Adventure Playset

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  • Kids drive the off-road adventure with the Matchbox Canyon Adventure playset! There's lots to explore with lights and sounds, carand kid-activated hazards and moving gates!
  • Exit the ranger station to initiate the realistic lights and sounds that indicate help is on the way
  • Move the lever to navigate across the treacherous bridge and activate the chomping gator, but beware of other wildlife lurking behind rocks and trees!
  • Too much activity on the rocks can cause an avalanche, trapping a hiker and causing vehicles to fall. Move the boulder to rescue the hiker and save the day!
  • The Matchbox Action Drivers Matchbox Canyon Adventure playset connects to other Matchbox sets to continue the adventure and expand the storytelling possibilities

The treacherous canyon terrain can make for some exciting adventures and some
daring ones, but kid heroes are coming to the rescue! Kids can drive their
Matchbox vehicles from the ranger station and navigate the rocky landscape to
stave off wildlife and rescue hikers. Watch out for the car-activated
avalanche! This packed playset features fun push-around play as well as lights
and sounds to enhance the realism. It comes with one Matchbox vehicle and
connects to other Matchbox and Hot Wheels sets for extended adventure. It's
made from 40% ISCC-Certified plastics and was designed for easy disassembly
and recycling. Colors and decorations may vary. Mass Balance Approach.