Penn State Nittany Lions LED Nightlight Authentic Street Signs

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  • OFFICIALLY LICENSED & PERFECT GIFT IDEA - These LED Night Lights are approved by the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, & NCAA. Pick your favorite team or school with true Authentic colors and designs! --You'll be the MVP this birthday or holiday with this great gift for any sports fan!
  • ENERGY SAVINGS THAT SAVE YOU MONEY!!! - with these Hi-tech LED 0.5 watt Lights, you'll spend less than 48 cents a YEAR (based on national average kWh) even if you leave them plugged in the whole time! In fact, it would take 120 of these night lights to equal the power usage on one 60 w light bulb. Talk about best deals!
  • COMPACT DESIGN, EASY TO USE & KID SAFE - Just plug them in and you're done! No bulbs to change, ever. No cheap switches or light sensors that barely work. So cost effective, you can leave them plugged in all the time and never have to remember to turn them on when you need them. Won't block the second power outlet on your wall. Cool to the touch and Safe for Kids! Great in Nurseries, Bathrooms, Hallways, & any dark room that needs a little extra light. No more stubbed toes or busted shins!
  • SLEEP BETTER WITH PERFECT SOFT LIGHT - With a unique fan shape, these LED Night Lights diffuse a soft gentle light that's not too bright, and not too dim. Perfect for getting around in the dark without having to turn on harsh main lighting, which means you'll be able to get to the bathroom and back to bed faster and sleep longer!
  • ORDER NOW WITH NO RISK OFFER! 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE Experience the Amazing quality difference of an Authentic Street Signs Brand LED Night Light with no risk! Authentic Street Signs, an American Company, is known for making the highest quality sports products anywhere. Thats why we back up this product with a 5 Year Guarantee!

Are you ready for the Perfect Gift for your favorite
Sports Fan? These Officially Licensed Authentic Street Signs Brand Night
Lights are great for any room - any fan - from Nurseries to Man Caves! With
your favorite team or school logo screen printed directly onto these
incredible LED Night Lights, you'll be the MVP this birthday or holiday. Don't
Pay for Features you don't need Many competitors try to sell you Night Lights
with cheap switches or light sensors that barely work. Often you can't get
them to turn on when you need them, or you have to remember to flip a switch
before it gets dark. You don't even need them. Our Super Energy Efficient LED
Night Lights are so cheap to run, they stay on All the Time, and cost you less
than 48 cents a year. That makes them Easy to Use with No Hassle. Plug them in
and Done! No bulbs to change, no batteries, no switches or sensors needed.
Simple soft light and Big Savings! Ready to Sleep Better and Longer? Our LED
Nightlights have a unique Fan-shaped design, engineered to diffuse a soft
light that's not too bright or too dim. Just the perfect amount to help you
get around in the dark without banging your shins on the coffee table. Get a
drink of water or take a trip to the bathroom without having to turn on the
harsh main lighting. You'll get back to bed easier and get back to sleep
faster. Ready to Sleep Better? Save money? and get the coolest gift for your
Sports Fan?! Get yours today. Unique Fan Shaped Design Perfect for hallways,
bathrooms, and kids' rooms. Our LED night lights cast a gentle, soft light
that's easy on the eyes. Our unique Fan-shaped design diffuses light so it's
subtle and not too bright at night. Just enough to help you get around safely.
Read more High Efficiency LED Light These Hi-tech Night Lights use a 0.5 watt
LED, making them one of the most cost-effective lights you'll ever own. We did
the math. Based on the national average kWh cost, we estimate that it would
only cost about 48 cents a YEAR to run...even if your light was plugged in
24/7 for the entire time. That's right! Serious cost savings for serious fans!
Read more No Annoying Switches or Sensors Easy to use. Simply plug them in and
you're done. We designed these night lights to be so cost-effective to use, we
were able to eliminate the annoying switches that you have to remember to turn
on, and those faulty sensors that never quite work when you need them. They're
more reliable and way less hassle. One less thing to worry about. Read more A
Family Owned Company Authentic Street Signs began on a small dairy farm in
Central Illinois. To help make ends meet, the Wollin family began a sports
collectibles company in the 1970's. Tired of the poor quality products they
found, they decided to make their own -- sports products that truly reflected
the honest, hard work and quality that they could be proud to make, and their
customers could be proud to own. Today Authentic Street Signs continues to
make premium, American made, Home decor and gifts. Hundreds of Styles
Available Authentic Street Signs has set the benchmark in metal wall art and
home decor. They’ve partnered with Major Sports Leagues and Colleges to
produce the highest quality licensed products on the market. Officially
licensed with many organizations Hundreds of designs & products for any room
and any space Read more