Pro-line PRO1019103 1/10 Trencher Predator Front/Rear 2.2" Rock Crawling Tires

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Features:: Inspired by Pro-Line's Insanely Popular All-Terrain Trencher Design
Extremely Aggressive Tread Design for Rock Racing Rigs (5.75" Tall x 2.27"
Wide) Tread Features Multiple Sipes and Multiple Levels for Incredible Tread
Flex Highly Detailed Connected Side Tread Provides Optimum Side-hilling
Performance Made in the Super Soft Predator Compound Foam Inserts Included
Made in the USA, since 1982 Overview:: The almighty Hyrax finally has some
real competition with Pro-Line's all-new 2.2" (5.75" Tall x 2.27" Wide)
Trencher Tire! Inspired by Pro-Line's insanely popular all-terrain Trencher
tread, this rock racing tire is ready for anything the terrain might throw at
you. The Trencher 2.2" tire features an extremely aggressive tread pattern
with each tread block containing multiple sipes and multiple levels for
incredible tread flex while still looking great on a Scale Rig. The highly
detailed connected tread on the sidewall of the Trencher extends out for great
side-hilling performance that only slides out when you want it to! The
Trencher 2.2" tire is made from Pro-Line's Super Soft Predator Compound, so
you know it provides the performance you can depend on. The future of 2.2"
tire performance is here with Pro-Line's new Trencher tires! Get your own set
of Trenchers today! Please note: All tires & wheels are sold in pairs, unless
otherwise noted. No vehicle chassis is included with this product. Fits:: 2.2"
Rock Crawling Front or Rear Wheels