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Features:Take Mud Trucking to the Extreme with these CrushLock WheelsCrushes
the Tire Beads to Narrow the TirePairs perfectly with Pro-Line's Interco Black
Mamba 2.6" Mud Tires (PRO1018100)Includes Innovative 6x30 Removable Hex
System12mm Wide and Narrow Hexes Included as StandardMade from Super-tough
Black Nylon MaterialMade in the USA, since 1982Overview:Pro-Line is taking mud
trucking to the extreme with the all-new Vice CrushLock 2.6" Black Wheels!
These wheels literally crush the tire beads together and narrow up 2.6" tires
for extreme mud performance. CrushLock style wheels are a popular wheel
upgrade in full-size mudding and now you can have the same thing in a smaller
scale! These wheels pair perfectly with Pro-Line's licensed Interco Black
Mamba 2.6" Mud Tires (PRO1018100) for the ultimate in mud flinging
performance. The Vice CrushLock wheels include Pro-Line's innovative 6x30
Removable Hex system allowing for multiple hex size and offset options (sold
separately) with narrow and wide 12mm hexes included as standard. It's time to
get your own set of Pro-Line Vice CrushLock 2.6" Bead-Loc Wheels today!Please
note: All tires & wheels are sold in pairs, unless otherwise noted Fits:1:10
Mud Trucks with 12mm HexWhat's Included:Vice CrushLock 2.6" Black Wheels (2
pcs)Vice CrushLock Black Bead-Loc Rings (4 pcs)M3 x 12mm SHCS Mounting
Hardware (24 pcs)Specifications: Height: 3.75" (95mm) Width: 0.75" (19mm)