PROLINE 603100 Pro-Bond Tire Glue

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  • Custom glue formula specifically designed for Maximum bond with tires
  • Super-fast and crystal clear drying
  • Maximum strength bond 3,200 psi holding strength
  • Package dimensions: 3.5" L x 1.19" W x 8.31" H

This is pro-line's tire glue. Pro-line knows tires and understands that the
strongest bond possible between the tire and wheel is a critical aspect of
performance and tire longevity. Pro-line engineers have developed the best
tire gluing system ever devised with the specific needs of RC users in mind –
pro-line tire glue. The first challenge was developing the strongest glue
possible while also having the correct flow characteristics and dry time that
RC racers and bashers desire. Pro-line's new tire glue has a hold strength of
3,200 psi (test method: steel on steel in tensile shear) which is the highest
strength of any tire glue available. Pro-line's unique glue formula also
provides the fastest drying glue possible while drying crystal clear with no
yellowing or whitening found when gluing tires with other glues. The pro-line
development team did not just stop with improving the glue. Pro-line engineers
began the design process with the clear goal of revolutionizing the glue
delivery system (bottle and applicator tip).