Spektrum Smart SPMXC1000 S1200 200W Charger IC3 Connector 2.4' Color LED Display

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  • Compact, high-power DC charger handles 32V input and 200W output and features Ic3 Smart connector and a high-visibility 2.4-Inch LED display
  • Pair with Spektrum Smart batteries to unlock Smart features, access vital battery data, simplify balancing, and enable auto-discharge
  • Reads vital battery data from Spektrum Smart batteries to deliver a more safe, simple and intuitive charging experience for hobbyists of all levels
  • Backwards compatibility with EC3 and EC5 connectors supports traditional RC battery charging as well
  • Requires DC power supply (sold separately) and supports life, liion, LiPo, LiHV, NiMH, nicd and Pb Type batteries (sold separately)

Spektrum smart technology is about offering a higher connection to your hobby.
It's a connection that puts you in complete control, makes you more aware and
more confident about the capability of your equipment the while making vital
components of your model easier to use than ever. The combined result is a
sense that will make you wish everything about your hobby was Àœsmarter.À for
all radio control hobbyists that are looking for a better way to charge
batteries, Spektrum smart chargers and smart batteries combine for an
intuitive charging experience that results in a simple, connected, and safer
charging experience. Spektrum smart charging virtually eliminates the hassle
from charging your lipo batteries. This is made possible by an integrated
microchip on each smart battery that communicates with your smart charger to
automatically determine the best charging settings. Plug it in, and just press
start. While all hobbyists will enjoy this simple experience, advanced
hobbyists can take advantage of unique data such as cycle Count, unhealthy
activity like overcharge and Discharge, battery temperature, C Rating and much
more, all saved within each battery. Additionally, automatic Discharge to
storage ensures a better, and healthier, lifespan for your batteries. Product
overview the Spektrum S1200 smart charger is the first DC smart charger to
feature Spektrum smart charging technology. Small and portable, this 200W
charger features the brand new Spektrum IC3 connector that delivers a robust
connection that also reads vital battery content that Relays to a bright LCD
color display to clearly showing you how many charge cycles you have on the
pack, and much more.