Carrera 20020509 Slot car track 1:24 1:32 Standard Straights (4)

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  • Package Dimensions: 8.255 cms (L) x 20.955 cms (W) x 46.355 cms (H)
  • Package Quantity: 1
  • Country of Origin: China
  • Product type: HOBBIES

Carrera is Spanish for ÀraceÀ™. races are all about speed, technology,
overtaking and, of course, about crossing the finishing line first! That's
what makes Carrera so legendary. We at Carrera See ourselves as providers of
Àmotor sport at homeÀ™, cooperating successfully with the automobile industry
and international motor racing teams. So, for us it's a logical obligation to
infuse our products with maximum racing excitement, entertainment and quality.
We emphasize the shared experiences of stunning cars, fascinating technology
and racing thrills enjoyed by people of many different ages. Carrera is an
exciting form of gaming that requires speedy skills, so if you fly off the
track À“ you're out of the race. Carrera cars are subjected to the same laws of
physics as full-size racing and Sports cars. Centrifugal force must be
excellently counteracted with a perfectly-set centre of balance. Down force is
Simulated by magnets and the right tire compound provides maximum grip. Our
Junior drivers can also look forward to the challenges of loops and other
action-stunt elements. Even the youngest drivers speed around the circuits
with super Mario or Lightning MC Queen.