Stilgar Dune Super 7 Reaction Action Figure

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  • Officially Licensed
  • Measures 3.75"
  • Ages 14 and Up

Leader of the seitch Tabr, Stilgar takes in Paul Atreides and trains him in the ways of the Fremen, setting in motion a course of events that will rock Arrakis and the galaxy! This 3.75†articulated Dune ReAction Figure of Stilgar features him in his Fremen stillsuit and comes with a Maker Hook Sandworm riding tool accessory. This fierce and noble Fremen leader is worthy of a place of honor, so add the Dune ReAction Figure of Stilgar to the seitch that is your collection!

These figures come new from Super 7 and some have the punch tab attached and some do not have them in if you have to have one unpunched please put in the message when you buy so we know only to send now with it attached if not i cant guarantee it will have one or not and we don't returns for that reason so let us know.