Super7 Judas Priest: Rob Halford Reaction Figure, Multicolor, one-Size

Judas Priest Rob Halford Super 7
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"Continue building your music collection with the Rob Halford ReAction retro
figure. Based on the legendary lead singer of Judas Priest, the Rob Halford!
Each ReAction figure stands 3.75" tall, features five points of articulation,
and comes packaged on a colorful retro style backing card!­  “œ  œ ”œœ
 „ „† „”. œ ‹  œ  „„  “œ ‹ ­  “œ œœ ©‹‹! ReAction ”œ” 9.5 cm
(3.75 ) †œ 5œ €  œ© ‹„œ  œ € “œ  œ©‹‹"