Super7 Xena Warrior Princess Xena Reaction Action Figure 3 3/4in

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  • Intricate sculpting
  • Measures 3.75 tall
  • Articulated figure
  • Packaged on an illustrated backing card
  • Includes Chakram and sword accessories

Once a powerful despotic warlord, Xena has committed herself to fighting for
the greater good to atone for her past misdeeds. Whether facing her arch-enemy
Callisto or even Ares, the Greek God of War himself, Xena will not be thwarted
in her fight for what is right. This 3.75" articulated Xena: Warrior Princess
ReAction figure features premium detail and comes with Chakram and sword
accessories. No mortal, beast, or God can stand against her so it would be a
fool's errand to resist adding this Xena ReAction figure to your collection.