TEAM LOSI RACING TLR03008 1/10 Ten-SCTE 3.0 4WD SCT Race Kit

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Key FeaturesChampion pedigreeAdjustable center driveline22TM platform Gen II
shocksDog bone center driveMany popular tuning parts included as
standardLightweight, hard-anodized 7075-T6 aluminum chassis3mm shorter
chassisCarbon fiber shock towersHard-anodized suspension ballsLightweight,
CNC-machined outdrivesHigh-performance TLR bodyNeeded To CompleteAssembly
Tools2-Channel Radio and ReceiverElectronic Speed Controller540 or 550 sized
motorPinion GearSteering Servo1/10th Short Course Truck Tires and
InsertsBattery PackChargerPolycarbonate PaintOverviewThe TEN-SCTE platform has
been the dominant force in the 4WD SCT class since its inception. With the
TEN-SCTE 3.0 kit, TLR engineers started with the championship-winning 2.0 and
refined its suspension geometry to be optimized for all track conditions.
These refinements also make the truck easier to drive. Other changes include
center driveline adjustability and the inclusion of parts that were considered
optional on the SCTE 2.0 kit.Champion PedigreeThe TEN-SCTE platform's
extensive list of race wins includes the ROAR Nationals, the Cactus Classic
and a multitude of other major events. The TEN-SCTE 3.0 kit builds on this
heritage by giving racers yet another superbly engineered SCT that can put
them on the top of the podium.Adjustable Center DrivelineThe motor and center
diff can be mounted at an angle or in line with the chassis, allowing
adjustment of the power bleed between the front and rear drivetrain. Mounted
at an angle, the power bleeds evenly front-to-rear and the truck will drive
out of the turns harder from point to point.Wheelbase:13.15 inch