Traxxas 2890X 6700 mAh 14.8V 4-Cell 4S 25C LiPo Battery Vehicle

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  • Traxxas Power Cell iD-Equipped LiPo batteries are engineered specifically to fit Traxxas models and maximize their full performance potential
  • Balance connectors are integrated into the Traxxas High-Current Connector eliminating fragile balance wires and the need for external balance boards
  • Power Cell LiPos are constructed of premium cells with extra-wide discharge tabs to minimize resistance
  • Power Cell LiPo packs feature patented High Current Connectors with 12-gauge Maxx Cable wire soldered directly to the LiPo cells
  • 6700mAh 14.8V 4-cell 25C LiPo Battery. Built using the same sturdy construction methods as the Traxxas 2-cell and 3-cell batteries
  • All LiPo batteries require LiPo specific chargers and cannot be used with NiMH-only chargers
  • Traxxas LiPo batteries with iD may be charged on LiPo chargers with separate balance ports by using Traxxas adapter #2938

Traxxas Certified iD-Equipped LiPo batteries provide the punch and power to
reach maximum speed. They come in a full range of capacities and
configurations. Traxxas iD-Equipped LiPo batteries are engineered to fit
Traxxas models perfectly and maximize their potential. Only Traxxas gives you
more of what you want: simple installation, a great price, and the most speed
and run time available. The patented Traxxas High-Current connector is the
standard for efficiency, ease of use, and high-current handling. The balance
leads are integrated into the connector eliminating separate balance wires and
connectors as well as external balance boards. The Traxxas High-Current
Connector allows current to flow freely with virtually zero voltage loss due
to resistance. Large, textured surfaces provide good grip and the reverse-
polarity protection makes them virtually impossible to plug in backwards.
Shrouded wire connections eliminate the need for heat shrink tubing. Beefy,
gold-plated copper terminals with large, spring-loaded contact areas ensure a
perfect connection every time. Traxxas iD-Equipped Power Cell LiPo packs use a
unique construction that results in a firm, rugged, and compact pack that does
not require a hard case. This gives them greater capacity and allows the user
to monitor the condition of the battery. Unlike a hard-cased pack, if a Power
Cell LiPo "puffs" or softens due to damage or abuse, the user can easily see
and feel the change in the pack. Power Cell LiPos are constructed of premium
cells with extra-wide discharge tabs to maximize their performance. Power Cell
LiPo packs feature low resistance 12-gauge Maxx Cable wire, soldered directly
to the LiPo cells to minimize resistance. Traxxas offers the best battery
warranty and exchange program available. For the first year, Traxxas will
replace any battery found to be defective at no cost. After one year, any
Power Cell LiPo battery can be exchanged for a new equivalent for just 50% of
the retail price. Step up to 8s With iD Convenience.