Traxxas 5186 Rubber Tires Red-Anodized Aluminum Wheelie Bar Wheels

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Wheels, aluminum (red-anodized) (2)/ 5x8mm ball bearings (4)/ axles (2)/
rubber tires (2) Machined Aluminum Ball Bearing Wheels with Rubber Tires:
Traxxas now offers an impressive set of red and blue-anodized machined
aluminum wheelie bar wheels with rubber tires. The precision 6061-T6 aluminum
wheels feature a stunning anodized finish and they ride on rubber-sealed 5x8mm
ball bearings. For controllable and seemingly never-ending wheelies, Traxxas
developed a durable, soft compound rubber tire that reduces side-to-side
movement for stable, consistent wheelies. The rubber tires are available
separately and they also install on the stock nylon wheels. Use Traxxas stock
and hop-up replacement parts to get the most out of your Traxxas RTR vehicles.
This product is made from high quality materials and designed for long-lasting
performance. This is replacement hardware for use on Traxxas vehicles; consult
your user's manual for exact parts listings.