Traxxas 8085 TRX-4 Truck Sport Fit Realistic Waterproof Bright LED Light Kit

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Light up the night with the specifically-designed Traxxas 8085 TRX-4 Sport
Body LED Light Kit. These bright lighting components were specially made to
fit a Traxxas TRX-4 Truck Sport Body. The LED light kit brings a realistic
scaled-down lighting experience for your radio controlled car. Included in the
kit are an authentic front grill, rear tailgate, headlights and taillights.
The regulated light module in the kit uses NiMH to 3SLiPo batteries that
eliminate overheating and glitching for safety. Plus, the kit features a
sealed waterproof design that provides additional protection and durability.
Installing the glowing lighting component takes only a matter of minutes as
everything you need is included in the kit, as well as the lighting plug and
play design with modular connectors will let you get rolling in no time. The
color-coded power distribution block gives you an easy way to connect the
wires safe and securely. Take your RC automobile to the next level with the
Traxxas 8085 TRX-4 Truck Sport Body LED Light Kit.